Larry lives in Essex. His brother Howard, aged 67, has learning difficulties, and lives independently in sheltered accommodation in East Yorkshire, some 200 miles away. Larry arranges transport for Howard with Beverley Community Lift’s car service, twice a week, so that he can to go to Mires Beck Nursery and then home again.

{Mires Beck Nursery is a registered charity that provides a pleasant and enjoyable environment where people who have a learning difficulty or disability can develop their skills, increase their self esteem and confidence by being part of a real working environment producing a wide range of superb quality plants.}

Larry found Beverley Community Lift through a Google search, after the existing transport provision finished.

Larry explained the reasons for choosing Beverley Community Lift (BCL): “The people at Beverley Community Lift are very helpful. In addition to the regular trips to and from Mires Beck Nursery, my brother Howard uses the service on an ad-hoc basis to attend GP surgery and dental appointments. He simply phones up the BCL office and they quickly fit him in and get the transport arranged. It’s very accommodating.

The best thing about BCL is its efficiency. They know when Howard needs the transport and I don’t have to check. The person that will be transporting him phones him the night before, checks that he’s OK, and lets him know that they will be picking him up the next day. Occasionally they have arrived at his house and he’s still been in bed – they simply wait until he is ready to go, with no pressure at all.

I know that we can rely on Beverley Community Lift and that gives me a real sense of peace of mind. I’m his big brother, I’ve looked after him for 60 years and BCL helps me continue to look after him. Although I live far away in Essex, I know that Howard is being looked after, whilst he lives independently in sheltered accommodation. BCL very good at coming and picking Howard up, taking him home again, and they are always on time. He really enjoys the driver’s company.

I would definitely recommend to my family and friends. 

If BCL wasn’t there, Howard would, and has, used a local taxi service. That’s also very good but it’s fairly expensive. With the taxi service, it can be a different person each time and they may or may not actually turn up on time. With BCL it’s pre-arranged.

BCL has experience of working with Howard, and they enable him to be proactive and book them whenever he needs transport. Howard is quite capable of doing many things for himself, but not other things. He is a survivor. He can pick up the phone and arrange his own transport.

Because of the one-to-one correspondence on the phone, BCL is personable, and that’s more comforting for both me and for Howard. He’s very happy, and he’s got to know one or two of the volunteer drivers, the people who take him about. He knows that they are going to turn up, on time, and take him to where he’s going and bring him back. 

Howard is very chatty and using the BCL makes him more social and personable. It makes a difference in his life as it raises his self-esteem, and he also gets to know other people, so that he’s not on his own. If we know Howard is indisposed, or he doesn’t feel like going out, it’s not a problem to cancel the transport.

I can’t suggest any improvements to BCL – we are very pleased with the service provided. It’s an excellent service.”

Sadly, Howard passed away shortly after this case study was composed.

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