We provide a hands-on, supported service, and go above and beyond to support you on every journey, unlike commercial services. As well as assisting our passengers throughout each trip, our minibus fleet can also provide wheelchair transportation for those who need it. 

All our minibus day trips, feature a volunteer passenger assistant, who is there to offer a helping hand for everyone travelling with us, should they require it.  

Volunteer Peta Marshall is one of them, and explained her role and main responsibilities:  

“I started volunteering as a passenger assistant on the BCL buses in early 2021.

"I work alongside the driver on the Beverley shopping trips and on day trips to various destinations. Each passenger is individually collected from home, and I walk to their front door to assist them to the bus, having already opened the side door of the bus, dropped the steps down to the floor, and lowered the handrails.   

“If the passenger needs to use their wheelchair, I will assist them, in their wheelchair, to the bus ramp. I also help the walking passengers up the steps and into the bus, ensure they are seated comfortably and help to fasten their safety belt.” 

“The routine is then repeated for the homeward journey, and if it is a shopping trip, I carry shopping bags to people’s front doors.  When the empty bus is returned to the car park, I cleanse the seats and any items people have touched with sanitiser.” 

Giving – and getting – something back 

The retired Civil Servant from Willerby went on to explain how she first heard about our charity, and what made her want to volunteer with us:

“I’d noticed the name plate on the charity’s building, read the BCL advert on notice boards at my local Tesco store and seen the BCL buses driving around Beverley, so realised that they were an important part of the community.”

“I know that many elderly people live alone and need help to get out of the house as walking and shopping are too difficult for them. I wanted to help them to get out safely, and experience the simple enjoyments of conversation and company, and help with shopping or appointment, while I am still fit and able to do so myself.”

“I am a ‘people person’ and I wanted to use my skills to help improve the lives of others, and to feel that I was useful after having retired.” 

There are an array of reasons why people decide to volunteer with us; for some, it's the social aspect it brings, while, for others, it's the responsibility and purpose that comes with it. 

“I started volunteering when COVID regulations were relaxed, and the passengers looked apprehensive and sad after such a long time alone. This has now changed, thankfully, and I love to see the smiles on their faces when I walk to the door to meet them and later return them to their door with heavy shopping bags,” Peta added. 

“They often tell me they have enjoyed the day, the help, and the company, and this is so rewarding.  I love interacting with our passengers and listening to their experiences of life, and I learn such a lot from them.  I really enjoy meeting the volunteer drivers too, not to mention the fun that we have as a little team to make a routine work for everyone.” 

“I missed being part of a team and the interaction and fun that I had enjoyed with my colleagues when I retired from work.”  

“I am now proud and happy and feel part of the team of lovely volunteers and staff who help BCL to do a wonderful, worthwhile and rewarding job.  In fact I love volunteering for BCL so much that I also help out in the charity shop too!” 

We are grateful for all our amazing volunteers like Peta, they are the backbone of our service and we would be lost without them. 

If you would like to register as a user of our services, become a volunteer, or simply find out more about what we have to offer that might meet your needs, call us on (01482) 868082 (our office is open 9am to noon daily) or email info@bclift.org.uk 


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