Having never extended our service as far as Stamford Bridge before, we ran a trial outing from the town to the lively seaside resort of Bridlington, after being approached by our service users from that area.  

Among these passengers was Janet Thomas, a regular user of all the available services we offer in her area, including the fortnightly shopper bus to the Monks Cross retail park near York and our car service when needed. 

Janet, who comes from Stamford Bridge, had great things to say about the Bridlington outing, and her experience of BCL generally:   

“We had a truly marvellous day out in Bridlington. Looking back, if you could bottle how I felt that day, you could sell it and make a fortune! 

“Due to a medical condition, I am not able to drive anywhere myself, so I would be truly lost with Beverley Community Lift’s services.” 

She also regularly acts as the charity’s volunteer trip co-ordinator for Stamford Bridge, which is very valuable for us.  

More please, say our Stamford Bridge users! 

Following the success of the experimental outing from Stamford Bridge, we’ve managed to secure £2,500 in funding. This means that, for the next 12 months, this money will be used to enable us to run more outings from the town. 

Users from the area are extremely keen to go on further outings, and had asked about the possibility of a regular monthly trip. We asked them to suggest a few destinations they’d like us to consider and the keen bunch sent us 16 options!  

While this number might be difficult to achieve, we would love to run a social outing every month for the next year. 

Janet added: “All of the BCL volunteers are extremely kind and considerate; they go above and beyond to ensure that we are able to experience fun, social days out, which is greatly appreciated.” 

Feedback such as this is fantastic to hear, and shows our services are both needed and appreciated. 

If you would like to register as a user of our services, or simply find out more about what we have to offer that might meet your needs, call us on (01482) 868082 (our office is open 9am to noon daily) or email us info@bclift.org.uk. 

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