We would like to introduce you to Daphne Kemp, a long-time user of the charity, and all-round lovely lady.  

Daphne first heard about Beverley Community Lift through her friend Mary, who was previously a volunteer for the charity.  

Having been on a number of outings with the charity to date, Daphne highlighted a few trips that she particularly enjoyed:  

“I sign up to as many trips as I can go on but one that I really enjoyed was the trip to Helmsley. The weather was exceptional that day, we were dropped off in the centre of the village and I remember the driver was a lovely gentleman. This was the first trip we went on after the COVID restrictions were lifted but the charity made sure we were still safe and socially- distanced. We had a wonderful time.” 

Daphne said: “The midst of COVID was quite a difficult time for many of us, especially when you’re over 80 and live alone. I am normally quite an outgoing person, so it felt really isolating to not be allowed visitors during that time.  

“Beverley Community Lift always made sure I didn’t feel forgotten about, there were many times when Denise or Jane would ring up to make sure I was all right and had everything I needed. It was marvellous to have a chat with them every so often, and it meant I was really looking forward to the next trip when the restrictions would allow.” 

Thankfully, during the COVID lockdowns, Daphne had friends and family around her that were able to do her shopping, but for some of our users this wasn’t the case.  

To solve this, many of our volunteers helped users by picking up their prescriptions, doing their shopping, and taking them to medical appointments when required.  

“It’s like we are all part of one big family at BCL. They are always there for whatever you need, and they really care about you,” Daphne added. “On every outing we go on, there is an assistant who comes with us to make sure those who require it have the help they need.” 

“I have been using the service for many years now and I still look forward to every single trip. The service has allowed me to visit places I wouldn’t normally go to by myself, and I make some wonderful friends because of it. Thank you BCL.” 

If you would like to register as a user of our services, become a volunteer, or simply find out more about what we have to offer that might meet your needs, call us on (01482) 868082 (our office is open 9am to noon, Monday to Friday) or email info@bclift.org.uk

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