For our longstanding volunteer Brian Adamson, Beverley Community Lift has proved a real lifeline for him as well as the passengers he gives up his time to help. 

Brian first decided to get involved with the charity to keep himself occupied and stave off loneliness when he sadly lost wife Val back in 2007. 

And his involvement as one of our mainstays has proved hugely beneficial for him and for us. 

The 81-year-old retired Machine Operator, who lives in Walkington, said: “I needed something to do to keep me busy, and I came across the charity through an advert in the local paper where they were appealing for drivers. 

“Having had a lot of driving experience over the years, I decided to pop into the charity’s offices and apply.  

“I had a chat with a member of the team and arranged for them to test my driving skills soon after.” 

BCL volunteers can take on a variety of responsibilities, based on their skills, availability and preferences. We’re keen that everyone gets the most out of their experience as well as making a real contribution to the community. 

“I’ve taken on many different responsibilities with the charity over the years; I used to do the shopping trips, for example, but I no longer do them because I struggle with carrying people’s bags,” added Brian. 

“Nowadays, my role is focused on driving the minibus on outings from Holme-On-Spalding-Moor, which I really enjoy.” 

Just like one big family 

Many people, like Brian, decide to volunteer with us because of the social element. Volunteers have the opportunity to make friends not only with users of the charity but other volunteers as well. It’s because of this that many people, like him, describe helping the charity as like being part of a big family. 

"We provide a much more personal experience than commercial transport services.  The difference between our service and a cab, for example, is that we promise a friendly face who will happily talk with you, and we will also wait with you through your appointments. We make sure users never feel alone and interacting with them during trips is hugely enjoyable for us too," concluded Brian. 

"I would encourage anyone who thinks our service could be of use to them, or who might benefit by becoming a volunteer, to call us and give it a try." 

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