I am a car driver, minibus driver and also a Passenger Assistant.

Originally I found out about BCL when I saw one of their minibuses at Morrison’s supermarket and I had a chat with the driver to find out a bit more and ask him how I could get involved.

I had been running my own business as a chef for 10 years and I wanted to do something completely different.  I enjoy driving and I like meeting people, so this seemed to be right for me.

BCL is a local charity run by, and for, local people and that was what attracted me to get involved. You can clearly see how the charity is run and how it makes a difference in the community.

I like the variety of the car runs – you don’t know who you are going to meet - usually its elderly ladies who often live by themselves and they can be very lonely. They like to have a chat and I like to listen. It’s all about making what can be a stressful situation like going to a hospital appointment, a more pleasant experience for them. It’s about having an interesting conversation and genuinely listening to them. I’ve always been able to speak to people from a variety of backgrounds and I enjoy hearing about their lives.

One of the best reasons that I volunteer as a driver is that I get a lot of satisfaction when I take someone to hospital and they haven’t had to worry about how they are going to get there, about how they will get home or sit worrying whilst waiting for their appointment. If I can help to take their worries away and take their minds off their treatment then I’ve done my job. It’s about taking their mind off the experience, help to reduce their anxiety, and sometimes we have a really good laugh!

I would recommend volunteering at BCL to others, and it’s quite often by word of mouth that new volunteers come along. It’s a good way to get to know the ‘Beverlonians’ and hear their stories about their lives and where they have lived.

I get a great sense of satisfaction from helping elderly people, and one day I may need to use the service myself.

It’s important that we support BCL and the work it does, as, like everything else, if we don’t use it we’ll lose it. BCL is a very valuable charity for our area and provides such a great service for vulnerable people who cannot easily use public transport.

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