Volunteering reaps huge rewards for caring Mariette 

At Beverley Community Lift, we offer a range of services for our users, so that we can help with whatever their individual transport needs are. 

The options we offer include our car service, which involves one of our lovely volunteers driving you to your desired location in their own vehicle.  

There are an array of benefits to using our car service compared to a taxi or other forms of public transport, one of which is that our volunteers provide a truly personalised service, giving you a helping hand to get in and out of the car as well as a friendly face to chat with on your journey. 

This means that, for the few hours you’re with us, you will be treated like a VIP, and our entire focus will be on looking after you and ensuring you get to where you need to be, and home again, both safely and in comfort. 

Mariette Glover, from Leconfield, is one of the valued volunteer drivers who help us extend this much-needed support. 

“I have volunteered for BCL for over three years now and my main responsibilities involve taking people to their GP, dentist or hospital appointments – as well as, occasionally, their weekly shop,” said Mariette.” 

A sense of purpose 

And she explained what brought her to BCL:  

“I first learned about the charity while working in Adult Social Care, and I had also read occasional articles about the charity in the local press. In fact, it was one of these articles, appealing for volunteers, that lead to me putting myself forward, because I thought my experience of caring for people would be useful.”   

And Mariette has never looked back – with the friendships she has formed proving to be ample reward for her time and effort. 

She added: “The most rewarding part of my role is getting to meet so many people, all of whom are really interesting.” 

“Then, added to this, is the sense of purpose I get from volunteering.” 

“I appreciated this outlet even more during the COVID-19 lockdowns, because it kept me occupied and made me feel useful.” 

If you would like to register as a user of our services, become a volunteer, or simply find out more about what we have to offer that might meet your needs, call us on (01482) 868082 (our office is open 9am to noon daily) or email us info@bclift.org.uk. 

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