BCL is proud to announce the acquisition of our new minibus Heather

With a capacity to accommodate up to two fixed manual wheelchairs or up to six folding walkers/wheelchairs, Heather improves our accessibility for passengers and has been tailored to meet the growing demand for mobility-friendly transportation services in the Beverley area. This investment is part of the charity’s dedication to ensuring that individuals who struggle to use other types of transport, have greater access to essential services and can fully participate in community life.

In line with BCL's cherished tradition, Heather bears the name of a flower symbolizing growth, renewal, and the beauty of diversity. Chosen for its resilience and grace, Heather was constructed in Scotland, embodying the spirit of unity and strength that characterizes Beverley Community Lift

When passengers have mobility needs, getting out and about without assistance becomes even harder, leading to increased feelings of isolation and loneliness. Heather’s arrival marks a significant milestone in our mission to alleviate these challenges and create an inclusive community.


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